Island Tubing - Caye Caulker’s Coast - Sunset Tube Ride - Rum Punch - Anda De Wata Tours

Come and Relax

Need a break from looking at beautiful corals and snorkeling with exotic marine life? Island Tubing might be the thing for you. You’re responsible for sitting yourself on an inner tube and sipping ice cold beverages. Anda De Wata Tours will take care of the rest. You and up to seven other guests will be towed serenely (or, depending on the group, not so serenely) on a tour around Caye Caulker. You’ll start on the front side, cruise through the Split, catch the sunset, then making your way back. Bartender included! Suitable for all ages, Island Tubing might be the best way to live up to the island’s motto, Go Slow!


  • Sunset Tube Ride!
  • Caye Caulker’s Coast
  • Bartender included
  • Rum Punch!

Price: $45 usd Per Person