Manatee Tour - Snorkel Tours - Anda De Wata - Enjoy two killer snorkel stops along Belizes Barrier Reef

Manatee Love!

Departs Monday – Friday 9:30 am – 4:30pm

Our Manatee Tour offers our guest the opportunity to view manatees in unique Belizean fashion! Manatees are listed as endangered under Belize’s Wildlife Protection Act of 1981  and Belize has been described as the last stronghold for Antillean manatees in the Caribbean, making protection for these unique creatures important for conservation. Anda De Wata Tours strives to offer our guest a front rows seat to view this endangered species at the Swallow Caye Wild Life Sanctuary.
After spending time observing our beloved manatee from the boat), we head over to a sand dune in the middle of the ocean to enjoy a typical Belizean style lunch, then head to Caye Chapel for two guided snorkel stops.

For a more interactive manatee experience, including the chance to swim with Belizean manatees, consider our Hol-Chan snorkel tour. On this tour, we see manatees about 70% of the time from June to December.


  • Visit Swallow Caye Wild Life Sanctuary for manatee viewing
  • Lunch directly in the water at our “Sand Bar”. (Packed Lunch)
  • Snorkel Coral Aquarium
  • Snorkel Caye Chapel Mid Reef


  • View Belizean Manatee
  • Eat lunch on a sand bar
  • Enjoy two killer snorkel stops along Belize’s Barrier Reef!

Price: $120usd

Trips includes a local licensed professional Captain/Guide, park fees to enter the Swallow Caye Marine Reserve, purified water onboard, lunch, and a fresh fruit salad, and RUM PUNCH!